What About the Long-Term Outlook on Asthma?

The long-term outlook for the great majority of asthmatics is very good. Asthma can usually be controlled once the medications are dosed properly and the asthmatic is more knowledgeable. It is crucial to continue all the controller medications as prescribed to prevent attacks. Asthma is compatible with professional sports, Olympic medals, and almost any profession. Asthma does not have to limit your horizons at all.

That being said, there still remains a huge burden of asthma in the United States. Each year up to 500,000 asthma patients visit the hospital. Over 4,000 asthma patients die each year from asthma attacks, which means about 11 people every day. So don’t underestimate asthma. The risk of hospitalization or even death is real. It is important to talk to your allergist and understand your treatment program, or that of your child. Most importantly stick to it, and don’t stop medicines without talking to your doctor first.

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