What Causes Asthma?

The exact cause of asthma is not known, but it is thought to have both genetic and environmental components.

No matter what the actual cause, it is probably much more important from the asthmatic’s viewpoint to know what activates or triggers asthma. As long as those things which trigger a person’s asthma can be recognized and avoided or treated, asthma need be only a minor problem. It is our goal as doctors to control your asthma so your asthma does not control you. Some times that means daily medications will be needed to control the inflammation.

An asthmatic may have many different triggers. Allergies, infections, laughing, and exercise are just a few. It is important to identify these unique triggers when possible.

Allergic substances such as pollen, animal dander, or mold spores may be taken directly into the lung producing an attack or causing lung inflammation. Special testing is often required to determine if you are allergic and if those allergies are contributing to asthma. In many cases, long-lasting protection is possible for unavoidable allergic exposures through allergy immunization otherwise known as allergy shots.

EXERCISE may be a major problem for asthmatics, especially if they are overweight, mouthbreathe, or work out in a cold climate. Soccer and basketball (if played on a higher level) may be difficult unless the athlete is premedicated in an expert manner. A well thought out program of physical fitness is indicated for all asthmatics: most doctors do not like to give excuses for physical education programs.

INFECTION may be the single most important trigger in producing the symptoms of an asthma attack, especially in small children. While almost any infection can be important, the upper respiratory viruses may be the most potent. Many parents note that with each “cold” they get the bonus of a prolonged asthma attack. This is one of the major reasons to always continue controller medications to prevent severe asthma attacks during times of infections, or with other triggers.

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