Fitbit: skin irritations were allergies to nickel

Fitbit recalled its Force wearable back in February after owners reported skin irritation, and it turns out that the skin rash is likely due to contact allergic dermatitis to nickel or methacrylates.

Some people are allergic to certain chemicals,

metals, and ingredients that can cause a contact rash a few days after their skin is exposed to the culprit material.  Nickel is one of the more common contact allergens and it was used in the stainless steel casing of Fitbit.  Often, people who are allergic to nickel develop rashes after wearing jewelry that contains nickel, or a rash around their belly button after wearing jeans with a nickel button at the waist.

Nickel is only one of the materials that can cause a bothersome rash.  Your board certified allergist would assess your condition and decide if an allerg

y test called a patch test would be appropriate for you, to figure out if there is a substance that you are allergic to.

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